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Wild Small Fruit Sea Buckthorn Juice Intimate Carry-On Bottle【30ml*10 Bottles】

Wild Small Fruit Sea Buckthorn Juice Intimate Carry-On Bottle【30ml*10 Bottles】

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Made in Taiwan

Due to the wild small fruit sea buckthorn is grown in a wild environment,
each batch, each bottle of taste will be different,
fruit oil and fiber and juice are also due to wild nature,
consistency and taste must be slightly different from each batch of each bottle,
but also because of each person's daily mood and other conditions will have different taste, this is a normal phenomenon,
this part can not be the reason for return.

Sea buckthorn is an ancient fruit that has existed in the world for more than 200 million years,
100 million years earlier than the well-known living fossil Ginkgo!
Fruits, only in the hot summer and in the harsh environment of -20 to 30 ℃ in winter,
the orange fruit contains more than 400 kinds of nutrients,
and even contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by themselves.
Known as "Golden Sacred Fruit" and "Yellow Doctor",
it is called "SuperFood" in the United States,
and its vitamin C content is the crown of known plants and the king of vitamin C
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