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Decorative Cushions & Outdoor Garden Cushions in Australia

Decorative cushions bring vibrance to any space, adding a more fashionable vibe to the room. Whether you wish to create a classical, traditional look or perhaps something more contemporary, designer cushions can be your medium for creating a refreshing atmosphere. The popularity of stylish designer cushions is due to their versatile nature. Neutral as well as bold design blocks can effortlessly offset striking prints and patterns, which make the perfect basic tones. Whether you prefer plain cushions or ones with geometric patterns, designer cushions can quickly spruce up your living space as they add a certain depth and personality to the space.

Identify Your Colours

While shopping for designer cushions online, the first step is to identify the colours of your room. Notice the colour combinations in your decor, furniture, or artwork. The right kind of cushion can add a refreshing zing to the space and tie the entire room together. If your room is neutral-toned, you can choose to add a pop of colour through cushions. For instance, high drama blue, crisp white, moody grey, or bright green make great candidates as a supporting lineup on your couch. For the standout, you can layer a few patterned styles that accentuate the block colours by adding an element of interest.

Number Of Cushions

The size of your sofa is crucial in deciding the number of cushions that will enhance your space. A two-seater couch will look beautiful with two or three cushions while a large three-seater sofa can easily accommodate three to six cushions. You can create a cozy space on the floor by using extra-large decorative cushions.

Size, Shape and Texture

By combining different shapes, sizes and textures of designer cushions, you can create a rather interesting collection. Layering different shapes of decorative cushions add to the depth of the place while providing extra comfort. It’s best to choose the cushion material in accordance with the estimated usage. Luxurious velvet material is perfect for enhancing a room’s elegance. Cotton and linen are the perfect choice for summer. If you are searching for an outdoor garden cushion, then be sure to have a look at our waterproof garden cushion collection.

Shortlist and Purchase

Once you’ve decided on the specifics of designer cushions, use our ‘wishlist’ option to save your favourite products. Visualize how you’d arrange the cushions in your living space. This will help in finalizing your products. For an easy, quick fix, search for our pre-styled sets which are in a harmonious coordination with one another. Make your final selection by paring down the options.

Once you arrange all your outdoor furniture, you can give the final touch by adding a few stylish waterproof outdoor cushions. You can mix and match the patterns and colours to add some style to your outdoor setup while adding comfort.

Adding a soft outdoor garden cushion to your lounge chair will ensure you are completely replaced while working on your tan. Our collection of garden cushions can also be a great addition to your dining area. At Three Lifetimes, we work with our customers to find the right fit for their unique living space, suiting their needs and preferences. We aim to provide premium, high-quality products at affordable prices to ensure our customers enjoy life with greater comfort and ease. Our goal is to turn your home into a warm, vibrant space. Contact us on 0420 828 695 or email us at if you desire to purchase designer cushions or waterproof outdoor cushions at great prices.