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Battilo Charlotte Ruffled Acrylic Soft Decorative Throw Blanket, 51"x67" Light Khaki/Grey

Battilo Charlotte Ruffled Acrylic Soft Decorative Throw Blanket, 51"x67" Light Khaki/Grey

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Battilo Charlotte’s Ruffled Acrylic Soft Decorative Throw Blanket

This trow blanket boasts a textured, zig zag pattern throughout the blanket

This modern look and solid color scheme work great as an accent in any home

The polyester/acrylic blend holds up better and is more comfortable than traditional 100% polyester

machine washable for easy care

Size 60"x50" (152 x 127cm)

To make your room or your home inviting, add a well-chosen throw rug to enhance the beauty of the space. Decorative throws have become a huge style statement these days and add class and luxury to your home space. A soft decorative throw blanket of the right type will be able to bring in the textures and colours of the room together. It is also capable of tempering down a bright multi-coloured room.

Are you looking out for modern throw blankets, textured blankets, or ruffle decorative throws? At Three Lifetimes, we have a huge variety of knitted throws. They are available in a range of designs, colours, and textures. We have throws which suit each season of the year to make your room look cosy year-round.

The Batillo Charlotte Ruffled Acrylic Soft decorative throw blanket has been in the market for many years. These textured throw blankets are made up of 95% acrylic and 5% stretch yarn for a soft touch. These are perfect for reading corners in your house where anybody can relax. The size of the throw is 130 x 170 cm (51” x 67”)We offer these at affordable prices.

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