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"江戸切子” Edokiriko Gorgeous Brilliance Rock Glass JP-037

"江戸切子” Edokiriko Gorgeous Brilliance Rock Glass JP-037

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It is said the first EDO KIRIKO was a carving on the surface of glass using emery by the glassware craftsman, Kyubei Kagaya of Edo Odenmacho in 1834.
In 1873 the Shinagawa Glass Factory (modern day Kita Shinagawa 4-chame, Shinagawa-ku) was established, and an English glass-cutting expert. Emanuel Hauptmann,
was invited as a as a glass-cutting advisor in 1881.
Over ten Japanese craftsmen learned from him and this is when the traditional glassware craft technique still used to this day was developed.
The popularity of Kiriko began to grow around this period along with the progress of cutting techniques as well as the popularization of glassware.
In the Taisho period, researches regarding glass materials used for cutting glass were conducted while polishing techniques for crystal glass were developed,
and this helped to further raise the quality of EDO KIRIKO, "Cat Glass" rapidly developed to become a high-level craft and was the representation of glass crafts from the Taisho period to the early Showa period, which also became its first golden period.
In 1985 EDO KIRIKO was designated as a traditional craft industry of Tokyo, and it also became designated as a traditional craft product of the country in 2003.
The future goal of EDO KIRIKO is to develop glass crafts that pure beauty as well as quality in a time when glass crafts are developing in ways never seen before, and also continue to preserve and develop the traditions of EDO KIRIKO
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