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Best Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser & Fragrance Therapy in Australia

Aromatherapy has been in use for thousands of years. Ancient cultures incorporated pure essential oils in balms, resins, and also in combination with other oils. Natural essential oils have been well known for their medicinal benefits and were also used for religious purposes. Ultrasonic Diffuser and Fragrance therapy makes use of natural plant extracts, which promote health and well being.

Fragrance therapy diffusers use aromatic essential oils to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing. Each essential oil has a unique array of healing properties, uses, and effects. Combining essential oils creates a synergistic blend, which enhances their healing properties. The right combination of aroma diffuser oils can reduce stress and anxiety and treat headaches and migraines. Having a tough time getting a good night’s sleep? Aroma diffuser oils can drastically improve the quality of sleep as well as soothing sore joints. There are several natural essential oils in Australia which can be used in many ways. You can add them topically, or combine them in your body lotion, toner or shampoo. An aroma diffuser can be extremely useful as it fills your room with soothing natural scents.

Learn How Our Aroma Diffuser Can Create a Calming Environment in Your Home

Using pure Australian essential oils, our ultrasonic aroma diffuser breaks the oil particles into molecules and disperses them into the air. These diffusers break the oil particles, via ultrasonic vibrations, into micro molecules. Instead of relying on steam, they use water as a transfer mechanism. Requiring less operating power, ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are more effective than steam diffusers. And the best part? They are super easy to clean. As our aromatherapy diffusers do not use heat to change the oil’s state, the integrity of the oil is protected. This, in turn, makes the device safe to operate and easy to use. Our scented oil diffusers provide a large capacity tank for storing water and can double up as humidifiers in cold seasons.

At Three Lifetime, we aim to bring harmony and serenity to your life via our ultrasonic diffuser that uses pure essential oils Australia. Reviews of our clients who have attained a happier, calmer and stress-free life with the help of our aroma diffusers inspire us to serve more people every day. Contact us on 0420 828 695 or email us at if you’d like to have a first-hand experience.